Saturday, August 6, 2016

Some August Spending Goals

Almost a week ago already I posted July's numbers and commented how I need to set some reasonable spending goals for this month.

Goal #1: Get the grocery budget closer to $12 a day.
Currently at an average of $12.44 a day this year, I'm left with a total of $291.81 in the grocery category to get me back to a $12 a day average by September 1st. Generally I don't come in under $350 a month on groceries (and that's on a good month).

I'm setting the grocery spending goal this month at $325. That will get me really close to $12 a day while not diving me insane (I think).

Goal #2: Don't spend in the STUFF category.
I tend to be very frugal when it comes to buying new things. We live in a society consumed with stuff. We constantly need a new this or a better that. We're always on a mission; organizing, crafting, fixing, baking, cooking, traveling, socializing, something. And these missions, goals, plans always require more stuff. Our kids always need something new. Our spouses always need something new. Our houses always need something new... right? It seems that way but I don't buy it and I try not to buy it. I can live without A LOT no matter how much of a "necessity" it is. But for a list of reasons I've been slipping lately with this and I've been finding myself picking up the this or the that which I don't really need. It just feels like I do.

I need to be very conscious this month of impulsive stuff buys and just not make any. Granted I'm talking about items that might cost $1.50 or maybe they're $3 or $7. In the grand scheme of things they're always little buys but a little buy here and a little buy there soon become a lot of money.

Goal #3: Food out is stupid food. Just stop it.
It's the 6th today. I already have three purchases in the food out category on my spending tally. That's not okay. My goal for this category is to buckle down again and to have a talk with my husband about having ONE more food out purchase this month. So, the goal is to only have one more blue line on the spending tally for this month.

Goal #4: Other categories: Pets, Toiletries, Cleaning. Done.
Pets and toiletries are already on the spending tally for the month. I'm purposing to be done with spending in all three of these categories until September. Unless there's a great sale on dish soap or laundry detergent I don't want to spend anymore on any of these three things.

All of this leaves my spending budget for the month at a very low $478 ($15.42 a day).
Now I just need to write this brain storm out on paper so that I can focus on it and stick to the plan.
It's amazing what actual paper does for my plans, but for me putting it here first is detrimental.

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