Monday, February 13, 2012

44 Items of Clutter

A man is rich in proportion to the number of things he can afford to let alone.
-Henry David Thoreau
Only two posts back this was my debt quote Tuesday quote. I keep seeing it when I update/ open the blog. I really love this quote. Time is SOOOO valuable and our lives are so very full of things we need to maintain. Think of cleaning your home: If you husband is anything like mine then you spend a considerable amount of time each day just placing things where they belong. IF none of those things were present that time would be spent elsewhere. I love the idea of a simplistic minimalist lifestyle because it frees up so much time to embrace life, to be outdoors, to notice all the little things that make life splendid, to be with loved ones (free of clutter). I just keep reading the above quote and it just keeps stirring something in me.

Goal number two of the 45 is to get rid of something useless everyday. So far this year I've been rather preoccupied and haven't paid any attention to this goal. Today Thoreau inspires me to clean a little clutter out of life. I'm going to attempt to get rid of 44 things today; one item for each day of the year thus far. This is a VERY difficult task for me. Even though I love the idea of simple living, even though I hardly ever acquire anything new I have a terrible time throwing anything that could have any sort of use out. And when it comes to taking something to the thrift shop I have to wonder 5 billion times if I might in the future need said item. I'm rather ridiculous about not wasting anything ever. The other day at the mall some I was with grabbed two handfuls of ketchup and mustard packets for her pretzel, used half of them, and then threw the rest in the trash. This little act of waste is STILL driving me crazy. Why would anyone think it's ok to throw out a handful of unopened unused perfectly good sauces??? 

So, 44 things of wasted space and unwanted residence in my house HERE I COME! (hopefully)

*so far the $12 a day budget for this week is going well  : )


  1. I'm nearly done reducing all my uni stuff and 23 years of other stuff into one room! Still sooo much clutter in the rest of the house but my mum is really bad for getting rid of stuff. Rarrr! Hope it goes ok.


  2. Okay this is a good sign, you want to clean!

  3. Good luck on your goal! Is it a nesting instinct? :)