Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Quick update: no baby yet. I'm feeling much better now that I'm done working but my days have consisted mostly of me resting. I'm not sleeping well (as is to be expected) so I'm napping a lot. The doctor says that the little chunker is probably over 8 pounds already so we'll see how long before he's ready to see the world. Hopefully soon!

After several days of totally neglecting the finances I went over the budget and the bank account this morning. Nothing too horrible but, again this is looking to be a rough year. I'm really happy we're in the place financially that we are. In other words that I've learned how to spend less, live on a budget, and stop throwing money to the wind. I don't see the debt drastically going down this year but at the same time it shouldn't go up either(it should keep going down some).

I can't imagine if we were still in the place financially that we were in a year or two ago and we tried to pull off bringing a little one into our family. We'd be charging EVERYTHING right now. Charge the dinner. Charge the gas. Charge the bills (it still weirds me out that you can even do that... put your electric payment for example on a charge card). It was always the easy way out before. If we ever wanted or needed anything we'd just charge it. I'm so thankful that that's changed. Life on a budget isn't exactly easy but it feels so much better than it did when we were in that deep dark hole of debt that appeared to have no opening up top.

I'm happy and ready to meet our son.


  1. Keep up the good work!
    And Im sure Baby will show shortl. get some walking in! :]

  2. You have achieved so much in the last year, and you sound so much happier :)
    Enjoy a bit of rest and hope all goes well with babys arrival!