Friday, February 3, 2012

I'm Home

I'm officially on maternity leave. Actually I JUST got home from work and I'm freaking out a bit. I feel HORRIBLY guilty for taking off of work before our little guy is actually here. There are two weeks until the due date but I could not work any longer. I'm on my feet all day. I do a lot of lifting and crouching and kneeling and walking and it was getting down right unbearable. I have hardly been sleeping and everything hurts. My feet look horrendous and feel just as bad. BUT I am feeling awful for being home now without the baby.

There's SOOOO much on my mind as you might imagine. This last month of pregnancy has been quite a struggle and now I'm feeling SUPER guilty about being done with work too (for the next three months)!

Just letting off steam, had to put it out there because it's heavy on my mind.

Money: You suck! Can't I just have a little peace in life please!


  1. I don't know if this will make you feel better: I was complaining to my dad that I always feel broke, never enough money to go around. He told me that it was the same way when i was growing up and things do get better. What are your plans for these two weeks? I know I was off before my daughter was born but I can't tell you what I did with that time beside spend time with my family.

  2. Clean organize, take long walks, cook meals and freeze for after the baby. Take back 15 of the 17 towels you rec'd.

  3. Will you get maternity pay~? in the UK employers have to pay statutory maternity pay, most pay full pay for 12 weeks and then half pay for six month, most UK women take a year off and are entitled to their job when they want to go back? what's your entitlement?

    1. No maternity pay here. I'm using my 3 weeks of vacation pay for 2012 and then the rest of my time off is without pay.

    2. No materinity pay? That's terrible! Please don't feel bad about taking some time off. I mean you've only got two weeks left; technically baby could arrive at any time!! I can't believe you were on your feet all day! You've got some staying power!

      Please just relax and don't feel guilty! That way you can ease into your new life in a couple of weeks without being exhausted!

  4. What you are feeling is so normal. Cook, freeze foods and relax, that's my advice. Or don't do anything at all. Above all, let go of the guilt! As you said, you could not go on working. Wishing you lots of sleep before baby comes