Friday, February 24, 2012

Week 7 Budget Wrap Up

Wow, I made 13 purchases last week. That seems CRAZY! Only 13 things. BUT I'm ashamed to have you look over them. I wasted money like a blind fool. Last weeks total spending came to $78.22, $5.78 under budget. Hooray! That's two weeks in a row now that I've managed to squeak by a bit under budget.

I have to attribute some of my success to a kind lady from hubby's work who brought us dinner the other night. She said she knows how awful these last few weeks can be and she just wanted to lessen a bit of the headache. Also my cousin sent a gift card to Starbucks which was used for a lovely breakfast one morning, shakes for dinner one evening, and a few coffees : )   

We've spent and average of $14.46 a day this year. Seeing that it's only February I think I can get that number down a bit. 

Week 7's 13 purchases and TWO no spend days!
13. 2 Subway subs $10.60
Feb. 21 NO SPEND
Feb. 20 NO SPEND
12. Lunch with sister $7.31
11. Sandwich $4.75
10. Coffee $1.06
9. Cheesecake with hubby $9
8. Fajitas for lunch with hubby $22.32
7. English muffins $3.99
6. Toilet paper $6.99
5. Cranberry Juice $8.49
4. Ice cream $5.48
3. Latte $4.61
2. Shamrock shakes $5.28
1. Diaper detergent $8.92

HEY, thank-you to whoever clicked on one of these "interesting" ads yesterday... I have seen a few good ones pop up.

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  1. Havent been here for a while. But seeing that you're doing pretty good, if I look at the little column on the right. 4 of the 8 points already checked.
    I'm not doing that okay with my spending. I really must check here more often. You do inspire me to do better. And now we have our own baby on the way, we do need to save bits and pieces, where we can.