Sunday, June 3, 2012

Back to Basics

I kinda feel like I'm back at square one after the past 4 months of drastic life changes. So I'm going to try and start back at the beginning.

The Plan: Spend an average of $12 a day on food, household supplies, and gifts.

The Goal: Freedom!

On June 1st I spent $15.24 ($3.24 over budget). Yesterday I spent $8.14 which caught me back up with a 62 cent cushion. BUT the $8.14 was spent on ice cream. Let me tell you it was super delicious (two flurries). Mine was a drumstick flurry which is one of the best ice cream creations I've ever had. Needless to say we don't need flurries (ok, maybe I do... oh the battle). Not that it matters but I live in a beach town. We have an ice cream place every few blocks and like my coffee addiction I have a horrible ice cream problem. Just being honest.

Anyhow, I'm caught up with the $12 a day budget for June.

During this debt freedom endevour the three main things I've learned that are absolutely essential for me to stay on track with the budget are:
1. Spend Cash. I hate it but it really does keep you aware of your spending and helps limit the excess.
2. Balance the checkbook/ keep track of spending DAILY. Whenever I stray from this little task I STRAY.
3. Blog. Just the simple act of jotting down my spending and battles on the web helps so much to hold me accountable and keep me on track. You all, EVERY reader of this regular ranting have helped my family with the debt pay off we've managed thus far.


  1. Those are the same 3 things that help me stay on track too! And I struggle with all 3 of those. We are in this together and can do it! I will be going through the big changes in November when we welcome our first little one. Good luck with starting over! We all need a fresh start sometimes.

  2. Spending cash sucks!I think it would help me too but I just can't do it! good luck on getting back on track, trust me you are way way more disciplined that most.