Saturday, June 16, 2012


Is the best of life passing you by because you haven't gotten a big screen high definition TV yet?
-television commercial
I fear my husband would answer "yes" to that question but OH MY GOODNESS! I heard the TV ask this question a few minutes ago and I felt so horribly saddened. The best of life... TV?!?! What's wrong with this picture?

 Marketing, whether it be TV commercials, bill boards, bright orange clearance stickers plants little seeds in our brains and makes us feel this manufactured void. "I NEED, NEED, NEED" because something told me so. Wowwzers we lead sad lives.

Honestly that commercial alone is making me want to throw out my TV (not to be replaced) and my computer and the husband's video games and move to a quaint cabin in the woods. Once again I tell myself/ remind myself/ combat the marketing, "I DON'T NEED ANYTHING MORE!" I already have enough.

May we all enjoy THE BEST OF LIFE today (no not your big screen TV): family, friends, beauty, fresh air, peacefulness, and love! Happy Saturday friends  : )


  1. Beautiful words to live by. So many of us no longer live in the moment and appreciate what life has to offer.

  2. I am loving your blog! I have started from the beginning and I am up to March '11 so far, it's been my nightly reading every night this week! I really relate to your struggle with food when you started, I am going through the same thing and I laugh when I read our similarities. I can't wait to keep reading!