Sunday, June 10, 2012


Nine days into June and $19.47 over budget so far. Not horrible. Not great.

June 4: $8.04   (-6.81)
5: $5.59   (-.41)
6: $4.23   (+7.36)
7: $6.12   (+13.24)
8: $16.74   (+8.50)
9: $39.97   (-19.47)

I'd be a bit more on track if I'd paid closer attention to spending over the past few days. But alas I strayed into the old evil ways and just swiped away. KEEP TRACK OF SPENDING! SPEND CASH! Why is it so difficult to just stick to the plan?

I'm not to good at this whole adult thing. Wait, at least I'm better at it than our government. ah ha.

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  1. It is sooooo difficult to stick with spending plan, I'm hitting my head against the wall today.