Monday, July 16, 2012

Comments/ Responses

I'm under the impression that people do not return to certain posts to see if thee blogger has left a response to their comments... at least I can't remember what blogs I've commented on in order to go back and find a potential response. Thus I shall utilize these next few moments to respond a bit (something I do not accomplish nearly enough)

Shay: I have just as of 15 minutes ago set up an automatic savings plan. I had one once before but I felt as though I was canceling each withdraw inorder to not go into overdraft. I've set this one up for once a week and I'm telling myself that my husband spends WAY over $20 extra each week, I should be able to get that much into savings for now. Good suggestion. Thanks for the motivation.  

Outmywindow: $1000 emergency fund is definitely not enough. It's recommended that you have 3 months worth of income saved up (but not until you've paid off your unsecured debt). I've never had anything in savings. It's just weird to me to let money sit in the bank. I'm shooting for the $1000 goal even though that seems like A TON of money.

Lotebees: (I'm linking each of these responses to the blogs of the commentor... hehe this ones in Dutch) I'm honestly really encouraged by every comment I get from someone who's trying just like me to beat the debt monster, tackle the irresponsible little spender on their inside, and live life to the fullest but still struggling. This debt payoff thing isn't a happy little fairy tale. We're all trying and falling down and failing and getting back up and trying again. And heck some of us may be really responsible and full of restraint but most of us are in this mess in the first place because it's just too darn easy to spend. I like knowing that I'm not alone.

Becomingdebtfreeby2014: I'm loving all your comments on my older posts. It's causing me to go back and read through those posts again. It's really neat reading what I've written and being reminded of where I've been.

Carrie: I appreciate the long comment and kind words. My spending is definitely in reaction to perceived deprivation alot of the time. This running on empty thing is difficult but as with all else it's a phase and it shall pass (right?). I'll definitely check out that blog you linked. thanks!

I was planning on responding to a lot more comments but little man is trying to jump out of his bouncy seat. I must go.

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