Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I got the Snickers Instead

I'm saddened when I stop and think upon the harsh reality of the drastic contrast in lifestyles spanning our globe and our complete disconnect from this truth.

Today, all day in fact I fought with myself over the possible purchase of a Mint Chip Shake from Biggby Coffee. I've been seeing the billboards and drooling over this beverage for days. I have this unhealthy need like a fish needs water for ice cream when it's hot outside. Combined with my comfy beverage addiction those dang billboards are like advertising highly accessible drugs to an addict. I drove by three Biggby's today. One was in the parking lot where I was working. Oh let me tell you of my struggle. I "need" mint chip shake!!!

Yeah, right... There are people all over who's struggle is one of acquiring food, basic medicine, and even water. My worst struggle today was whether or not to swipe the debit card and purchase a $5 shake I currently cannot afford. Boy do I have it hard <sarcasm>. Why is it so difficult to keep things in perspective?

The thermometer read 99 degrees (37C). I fought. I struggled. I resisted. I purchased a snickers ice cream bar instead. The way I see it I spent $1.69 but I saved at least $3. AND with only 1 day left in this financial week I have not gone over budget yet.


  1. Good for you! Stupidlittle things like that make it hard. And you didnt crack! Just One more day in the budget, do you'll make it....

  2. OUCH! That's CRAZY hot! Here in the UK it's... raining... again! :) I would probably have given in to ice cream too! Good on you for choosing a more frugal alternative. :)

    Brilliant that you're on track with the budget! :D

  3. You compramised with yourself! At least you went for the lesser, and were still happy! That icecream sounds delish! I think it gets hard keeping things in perspective because everyone around us gets what they want, when they want it, and we want stuff too! But remember, live like no one else now, so you can live like no one else later! (I tell myself that on the way to work hahaha)