Sunday, July 15, 2012

Emergency Fund

$48 until Thursday

Probably the simplest budget you've ever seen, eh. What can I say.

I've decided that after a year and a half of rebellion I'm finally going to buckle down and attempt to tackle baby step one (Dave Ramsey FPU). As many times as I've listened to the "savings" CD I still struggle with the idea of having money in the bank that could be going towards debt. None the less I'm giving in and I'm going to try and get that $1000 in the bank. I'll come up with a due date for accomplishing this goal soon. After that I'll get back into the debt snowball game.

At present thee absolute most important thing is sticking to the budget and spending wisely. Oh, how I do love adulthood, I do, I do  : )

If you spend all the pennies you certainly aren't going to have savings or debt pay off progress <- this is me talking to myself because I need reminding about the simplest of things.


  1. It is amazing the security you feel of having money in the bank. I could in theory drain it all....but as soon as something happened, I would be screwed.

    Just keep adding to it....a little adds up. You can do it.

  2. An emergency fund is a MUST, especially with kids! Good luck to you! :)

  3. I agree with the ladies, I can't imagine how many troubles we would be in without our EF. It's definitely a must!

  4. Because I have a little fund, I can now make ends meet. I've been screwing up big time on the money front!
    I need to buckle down and save every penny I can. And you seem to inspire me to at least try it over and over, untill I succeed...

  5. I don't think $1000 is nearly enough but I have mine and it has saved my bacon so many times. When I get out of debt I want to enlarge it to $5000.00 and when the house is paid off I will p it to $10,000. Dreamer that I am. That little guy of yours is so cute!

  6. I would say that even $500 is better than zero. Set weekly goals to save $25 and set it up to automatically transfer to your savings. Then don't look at it! It will grow quicker that way!

  7. you will feel so much better once you get that $1000 in the bank, I know I really struggled to do this when I first started, but a little bit each week soon adds up
    I've got a page Goin' Gazelle on my blog with ideas for finding the extra $