Saturday, July 14, 2012

Still Here, really

Oh my gosh it's been almost ONE MONTH since I blogged. That's probably a very bad sign. Where in the world is 2012 going???

Update on baby Abe: He's AMAZING, doing great, growing like crazy! Oh man I love him!!!

Being a mom is probably thee absolute best thing EVER but I'm learning slowly, rarely catching my breath, struggling hardcore with the finances, and so super thankful that I've got the happiest baby a mom could ask for and a husband who's head over heals in love with his son (which means he loves every single minute with him, even the poopy grouchy ones).

Shout out to becomingdebtfreeby2014 who's apparently reading through my entire blog. What a task, and how very flattering. 


  1. a very good excuse for not blogging, what a cutie!

  2. And this picture shows exactly where your year goes :) He's is a cutie!