Saturday, July 14, 2012

the psychology of me

Confession: I'm REALLY frustrated with myself as of late. I've lost the fire. Granted I'm kind of running on empty so there's not much fuel for a fire but it irks me so. I NEED to get out of debt but I've been ignoring it lately.

It's like this: When the house gets really messy I tend to give up and stop cleaning altogether (this makes the problem much worse). When I'm feeling, um, large I tend to eat with abandon anything and everything (this makes the problem much worse). When money is super tight I tend to revert to the old ways and just ignore all financial matters/ what we're spending/ how much we have to spend/ whats happening with the bank account (this makes the problem much worse).

The hospital bills have been added up (yikes). The three months of no income has thrown a monkey wrench into things for sure. The list of needed house repairs is slowly climbing (I guess we've lived here just long enough) and I'm acting like a crazy person, shutting down, and ignoring our financial situation.

I guess this grand adventure is considered a journey for a reason. I don't just get to say "I'm going to get out of debt" and then BE out of debt. nope. I have to travel the course. I'm not fond of this pit stop. I want to be racing along. These slow going road block areas are yucky.

If you all don't mind I think I shall attempt to use you (my devoted readers) in order to throw a little fuel upon the dwindling fire. This week with you all holding me accountable (in no other way than me imagining you reading my posts) I shall:

1.) Compile a budget
2.) Stick to the budget
3.) Blog about said budget
4.) Get a tiny bit out of debt and be financially responsible like a big girl, like a good mom


Ah, yet another list that I hope shall do me some good.


  1. I think the budget is a great idea. I really find it helps kick me in the butt when I sit down to look at my budget. I'll be awaiting your next post to see how its going! Still slowly catching on on your blog!
    Beautiful photo by the way!

  2. Hi, I'm new to your blog, and have a lot of catching up to do reading previous posts. What I like about what I have read so far is your honesty and your spiritedness.

    I think the clue to how you are feeling at the moment is at the very beginning of your post - 'I am running on empty'. Not just the finances, but your whole being. Being a new mum IS, as you have said, overwhelming and also totally draining. Nobody realises how much until they actually come to do it. So between being a mum, and going back to work, you must have very little energy left.

    I am new to 'frugaling'. My husband and I both lost our jobs at pretty much the same time and after spending a little time feeling sorry for myself I discovered some of the lovely frugal blogs that are out there and they helped me with practical advice and also helped me realise that I am not alone.

    My husband and are both nearing retirement age and realistically, I don't think there's any prospect of either of us finding employment again, particularly in the current economic climate. But I see this recession as something of a blessing because businesses are vying for our custom and there are lots of good offers out there.

    I have just got through a tough couple of weeks spending-wise when I overspent the budget for the first time in a long time. I've come to realise that I was being austere and not frugal, and my spending was a reaction to what I perceived as deprivation. I now have a 'treat fund' and put a little aside each week so that we can have an occasional treat.

    I don't know if you have come across this blog before

    but she writes in detail about how she got out of debt and has some good advice.

    I will be looking for your new budget and catching up on your past posts. I hope you take some time to be kind to yourself and to focus on what you have achieved so far. You are right, it IS a journey and the only way to get to your destination is to keep on putting one foot in front of the other. Well done on what you have done so far :-)