Sunday, October 7, 2012

Crock Pot Suggestions Please?

I'd like to utilize the crock pot this week. Last week I made pot roast in it. I think during the 10 years I've owned the thing I've made: pot roast, curry chicken, salsa chicken, turkey, pork tenderloin w/ veggies, and a soup. I don't usually have any sort of recipe (except for the curry chicken). When I use the thing I just throw some stuff in there. Any suggestions of your favorite crock pot recipes???
Looking for dinner inspiration here.

Today was a NO SPEND which additionally means I haven't eaten out for A WEEK!

Average daily spending for the 4th quarter: $15.87
Days in a row of not eating out: 7

Today's lovely: Long explanation for a little moment... The babe seems to have been teething on and off for the past two months (no teeth yet) but maybe just maybe we're embarking upon the real thing. He's been VERY fussy and clingy the past few days, taking very short naps, and not going down easily AT ALL at night. Yes, I've had a fun weekend. But I guess I'd rather he be fussy with me than with the mother in law. Anyway, as I was saying he's been fussy and clingy. Today I found myself getting a bit overwhelmed and I just wanted him to sit somewhere, anywhere but with me I mean after all, "I've laundry to be folding". Of course I quickly corrected my idiocy and reminded myself that every single bit of snuggle time that I get with my baby boy is priceless, irreplaceable, small moments in time that shall not always be. I sat snuggling him right after telling myself to chill and the little guy reaches his tiny little hand up and gently strokes my cheek. He is such a lover. That moment was beyond lovely. Not that he doesn't do such things often but right after I'd overcome my frustration at holding him, oh what a sweetie pie.

helping with laundry?

Also, wishing thee Happiest of Birthdays to my dear Swedish Latvian friend Viens Divi!!! She's been helping to inspire me and keep me on track so much with the budgeting/ spending. 


  1. Santa fe crockpot chicken is my go to meal. It is from the skinny website. Low fat, easy and tasty! Also another pot roast meal, but tasty and not low fat! Place a beef roast in crock, sprinkle with one packet of aus jus gracpvy mix, one packet of hidden valley ranch dressing mix(powder) and a stick of unsalted butter right on top. Cook on low for 6 hours. Meat is very flavorful!

  2. this site has tons of great recipes.

    Happy cooking! Your little boy is adorable.

  3. Crockin' Girls are great too! I love a simple whole chicken with lots of (unpeeled) garlic cloves, halved lemons & seasonings. Pulled pork is always super easy. Chicken Cacciatore, taco soup, and a stew is always delish. Just google!! Have fun!

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  5. thanks for sharing..

  6. Crockpot chili is the best!

    Love the pic -- your son is getting so big! I've felt the same way at times, loving every moment with my daughter but needing some sanity time!