Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Insane Week

Crazy week escalates.

You know how every once in awhile Murphy comes a knocking and all you can really do is feed him?

Murphy's law: Anything that can go wrong will go wrong

Oh, goodness. Nothing's gone wrong per-say, Maybe I can amend that law to "anything that can be needed will be needed during the week of October the 14th."  I'll just have to blame this one on horrible planning.

Add to the 2 trips to Chicago, the brakes and oil change needing to be done, the birthday party, and the wedding this week, Bozzy dog needs food now (I will not buy cheaper food... our doggies are children to us and they deserve to be fed at least somewhat healthily), Maggie dog will be visiting the vet tomorrow because she's developed a rash and cannot stop itching and I spent $60 on baby formula yesterday (it was on sale for $10 off... I have not been putting the baby necessities into the $12 a day budget. I am trying to budget $3 a day for him separately). Ahh,hahaha this was also Mortgage payment week : )

I am sitting here actually giggling. How can all this happen in one week? Life is amusing.

breakfast $3.59
coffee $3.98
snickers .79
a shirt $11.45

Average daily spending for the 4th quarter: $15.93
Total days not eating out for the month: 10 (out of 15)


  1. Ha ha, that is how every week seems for me! LOL

    But yeah can be a tad stressful no?

    Just breathe and know it will all be fine and workout the way it is suppose to!

  2. I know the feeling - plain sailing for a few weeks then everything goes wrong/needs replacing at once!!

    P.S. I just tagged you in one of those answer-some-questions-about-yourself games on my blog. Silly but fun use of time! :) http://the-frugal-graduate.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/getting-to-know-you-and-me.html

  3. It always seems to happen that payments come in waves. Looks like I'm saving and then suddenly a whole bunch of payments.
    An entertaining post as usual.

    I also wanted to let you know, we've reviewed some of the top Australian personal finance bloggers and your site has featured in it - you can see it here: http://www.creditcard.com.au/if-finance-blogs-were-movies/

    I hope you enjoy - you might want to let your readers know.