Friday, October 12, 2012

Honey Nut Cheerios

cereal $2.50
chocolate grahams $1.79

Average daily spending for the 4th quarter: $14.91
Total days not eating out for the month: 9 (out of 12)

I was going to eat out this evening. I was to busy at work today to even consider snacking on a forbidden morsel but this evening once I arrived home, realizing I'd left the house poorly stocked, and knowing that my husband had evening plans (which means dinner alone for me) I'd no desire to cook anything (let alone a thrown together rather unappetizing meal). Boy oh boy did a Wendy's burger sound good, something I wouldn't normally even crave but in all honestly I really just wanted the frosty. I decided I'd do it; get the baby in the car seat, the base in the car, and a Wendy's dinner in my tummy but then I remember the Honey nut Cheerios. For some reason cereal for dinner sounded perfectly acceptable. And it was. And that makes 9 out of 12 dinners at home. Yippee.

Lovely: This evening's sunset evoked a glorious battle between the horizons. As the sun began to descend into the great Lake Michigan the sky rising from the waters took on the warm tones of the color spectrum: fiery red, fading to flaming orange, becoming a brilliant yellow, then white, then every shade of daytime and evening blue. The eastern horizon was apparently not prepared to set idlely by instead displaying the cooler tones: a line of blue ran along the eastern horizon blanketed by deep purples fading to cooler reds, magenta, burgundy  crimson and up to blue again. There was in fact a brilliant fade of color running along the entire horizon north, south, east and west. As if all the world surrounding me were encased in a rainbow. All this color hung above the autumn trees, deep red leaves, bursts of yellow, every shade of green. I love, adore how every single day the world I look at (every single day) still has the ability to awe me, be uniquely new and different, and take my breath away. ah.

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