Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Debt Quote Tuesday (its been awhile)

In spite of the cost of living, it's still popular.
-Kathleen Norris
water .89
juice $2
bread $1.50
bananas .86
bacon $2.99
peanut butter $2.50

Average daily spending for the 4th quarter: $8.15
Days in a row of not eating out: 2

I haven't talked to the hubby about it yet but I intend to go as many days in a row as possible with no eating take out or going out. Oh, the little struggles...
Lunch of leftover pot roast sandwich and one cookie.
Dinner of avocado cheese omelet, and potatoes.

Today was just lovely because the autumn leaves this year are so much more vivid and varied than last year. The one lovely moment though was during work while I walked into my second store this afternoon. The sun was shining brightly but there was a refreshingly cool strong breeze. Hundreds of these tiny leaves that had fallen off of near by trees swirled about like children playing chase amongst the vehicles in the parking lot and made a brilliant nose like rice crispies when you've just poured milk over them. It was one of those moments in the day where I must have looked odd, standing still in the parking lot smiling, listening intently and staring towards the ground. I love it when nature is so very musical especially in the middle of a large parking lot. Priceless.


7 months old already


  1. Love love love the description of the leaves swirling. I could almost see it.
    Managed an almost no spend yesterday except for some stamps.
    But no food out. Yay:)

  2. The high chair pic is priceless, as is the description of the leaves. Yay for you on your dollars per day!