Friday, October 5, 2012

Food, food, food... Boring

Thursday starts a new financial week for us. I was really looking forward to it until I realized we needed dog food for the baby (dog) who gets bladder stones.

dog food $43.99
fabric $9.62
pop $1.05
dish soap $2.97
cheese $2.99
milk $2.50

I almost bought a pizza last night. The past two days have seemed endless at work, not getting home until after 8pm and 7pm when I'm used to being home by 5. As I drove home I had in mind that we'd eat eggs, bacon, and potatoes for dinner until I saw the lights on the sign for one of our favorite pizza places. I almost made a beline for the building. A light bulb went off, "oh, pizza, that's perfect! Not too expensive. So quick. So yummy. Perfect!" Fortunately as soon as I had this thought I was reminded, "uh, you're trying to not eat out, remember?" Oops... I tend to completely forget my resolves until after the act of treason has been committed  Honestly I'm surprised I didn't stop in there and pay for the pizza before, "uh, you're trying to not eat out, remember?" flashed in my mind. So, the dog food was inevitable but the pizza was averted.  Also dinner ended up being much more simple than eggs bacon and potatoes  The husband decided he wanted hot dogs (we only had two buns) so he at those. What like 45 seconds of cook time. I ate left over pot roast. Little victory.

Average daily spending for the 4th quarter: $21.53
Days in a row of not eating out: 4

Lovely: Morning sunbeams shooting through the haze and illuminating dew drops on pine needles. Everything this morning was mesmerizing actually. The sky was fierce, grey fading upwards to blue and filled with hazy mist. The leaves are amazing right now, absolutely the best they've turned in years. It was a perfectly classic autumn morning directly out of a painting but the sunbeams on dew drops really stuck out.

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