Saturday, November 17, 2012


All this silence has gotten me thinkin...

In 2010 I wrote a blog focused on two separate modes of living. The having mode vs. the being mode. I attempted to not purchase stuff. I attempted to notice that which the world has to offer for our enrichment beyond our ability to own it or capture it. I changed.

In 2011 I wrote a blog (this blog) chronicling my attempt to pay off debt and spend less. I acquired less in 2010 but I still wasted money frivolously on food, toiletries; I didn't budget in 2010.

In 2012 I brought a child into this world, forgot about most all life's processes aside from his, and feel that I lived in a bit of a haze.

In 2013 I'm thinking that the me of 2010 and of 2011 should like to team up, pay off debts AND LIVE LIFE at the same time, thinking, noticing the world, growing continuously.

I intend to make the absolute most of the remainder of 2012 but 2013 is looking pretty good to me.

You know what, I didn't spend one single penny today. It's weird when you're just about to head to bed and it dawns on you that you've accidentally had a no spend day.

: )


  1. Accidental no spend days are the best! :) Nice one! 2012's been great, but 2013 will be amazing! :)