Sunday, November 18, 2012

being me

It's 8am. The babe's been fed. I've munched a corn bread muffin and am slowly sipping some coffee. A full weekend day lies before me. Sitting in silence, ready to part from the computer for a bit, I find myself asking,

"who do I want to be, today?"

I have all I could ever need, and so much more. And today I'm not asking what do I want to do. Not what do I want to spend. Not what do I need. Not what do I desire. Who you are far surpasses what you want (the desires you hold), what you do, and what you have. And I think truly the purchases I make should reflect who I am.

Who do I want to be...

I think I shall return with a list. It sounds a tad "out there" but I'm really speaking in VERY simplistic terms. It's just the wheels in my mind turning really. Ah, what reading does to me : )

1 comment:

  1. Today, I want to be someone who can prioritize cooking and eating over pinning at Pinterest so that I'm not a grumpy bear the whole day.
    Good question, thanks for the idea! :)