Saturday, November 17, 2012

Silence is Golden

The holidays are fast approaching. The stores are beginning to get busier and folks are getting grouchy already.

I'm genuinely in denial and haven't begun to even think about Christmas (nor have I budgeted anything for it) but I refuse to let this holiday season be a downer. The holidays are meant to bring joy, wonderment, family togetherness, and a wonderful spirit of thanksgiving and giving. Holiday blahs have no right to intrude!

In an effort to prepare for this upcoming season of... delightful busyness I'm imposing silence upon my crazy already busy life. I've noticed alot as of late that I've been using the TV as background noise (possibly as company). I'm not one to even enjoy watching TV. I'm constantly listening to news radio. The election results have put quite a downer on life and the talk talk talk coming out of the air waves isn't really helping. Thus I am forcing myself to cut out the noise, calm down, and chill for at least a week.

Holly days here we come!

1 comment:

  1. Chilling sounds good to me.
    Oh how I would like to create joy, wonderment, togetherness for my family and me this Christmas!