Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Just Say NO

One day before the big Thanks-giving sales begin (there are GREAT sales on food right now)
Two days before BLACK FRIDAY
and I'm working in 3 stores today (five stores if time permits)... 4 days off of work after that though!!!

Here's to a full day, and weekend, and week for that matter of saving by NOT spending!

I try and give myself these little pep talks. Do they work? Eh, sometimes...


Totally off subject: the spammer comments have majorly increased on this blog of mine lately. Is there anyway to keep these folks away? I'm guessing the answer is no. I still haven't turned captcha (or however you spell that nonsense) on because I HATE filling those darn things out. It pretty much always takes me three times to get one that I can guess correctly on. Blogger does a good job of weeding out the spam anyway but still I'm a bit annoyed by all this fake traffic. Ok, enough grouching for today.


  1. LOL....I am having a hard time resisting the food sales too!
    I made myself avoid them by just spending all my gift cards and certificates I had accumulated for the grocery store to get what was needed for Thanksgiving.
    And it worked!...I spent about $8 OOP after cards/certs.
    Now this doesn't mean I won't go back to the grocery store on Fri or Sat to take advantage of those food sales and spend some of my food budget left for Nov. lol

    Not setting foot in any other stores this weekend....

    If you hate the captcha thing(I do too)and have spammers, try moderating comments before you let them post. I get a fair amount of spammers as a certain point it becomes unavoidable I moderate comments. Not only does it let me send the spammers to the 5th pit of hell but it makes sure I read every comment that I get. I use to miss stuff before, can I blame ADD or something?lol

  2. I hate captcha too but think I use it on my blog to keep spammers minimal. I hate moderating comments even more , if you have nothing in place though once they spammers find you it seems to cascade into an avalanche.

    As for ANY shopping for the next several days it is a loud NO WAY I think I will stay home! LOL I hate crowds and the excessive consuming and competative nature Black Friday hails its message.

  3. Hmmm, if the food sales are really great though... I would maybe get a few things I normally get anyway, but not on Friday, maybe when it's a little calmer?
    Over here, the nights before Christmas at our big grocery store are a ZOO. So it would be a good goal to try to avoid that this year.