Sunday, June 2, 2013


On the way home from work the other day while listening to Dave Ramsey on the radio I heard him say something along the lines of: contentment is the greatest tool for financial success.

For some people (and many governments) finances can be the most difficult beast they ever have to battle, and for that matter an unconquerable foe. Statistics say that finances are the number one reason people divorce. Financial struggles are often what cause people to steal, cheat, lie, and deceive one another. There is SO much more to life than money but we spend much of our lives worrying about it.

I am traversing a difficult financial road. We made so many stupid decisions along our financial path. Cleaning up after those decisions is less than fun but so very necessary. Something Dave got me to thinking is how thankful I am for the contentment I've found along this path. It would be nice to buy a new pair of pants now and again. I often glance at toys in the store I believe my son would love and almost always refrain from buying them, after all he also loves kitchen utensils. I would definitely enjoy eating out more often. But truthfully I am very content. I don't long for much (stuff, things, worldly goods). Bigger and better does have much of a place in my life (if any). I am content.

That's one of those tiny revelations that help shine a bright bit of light into the often hazy path of money.

My family is awesome. Our home is incredible. We ALWAYS have good food to eat. My clothing may be worn a bit but I certainly have enough of it. My husband and I are both employed. The entire family is in excellent health. The sun is shining. Summer is here. Beautiful orange poppies are blooming in the front yard. Money troubles... what money troubles? 

I am on top of the world!

Today's lovely: Spring cleaning. There is truly something lovely about a fresh clean space.

And I did not spend any money today.
NO SPEND 27 of the year!


  1. How big is that boy! Omg, I Cant imagion my little girl being that big, yet it is only a few months away.
    But its true, contentment is your best friend, when trying to save money. Being happy with what you got helps to not buy things to Feel happy.
    (Right now, I am buying things to get my veg garden all fixed up. Long term investments luckily)

  2. Awesome!
    And awesome gratefulness list!

  3. he is growing up! so cute :)
    it's good to say grateful, some days it's easy to forget how fortunate we actually are