Sunday, June 23, 2013

No Spend Day 31

I woke up so angry this day. I was frustrated with life really. Do you ever have those moments when all the little annoyances gang up on you and you just want to throw things and break things and yell? I've been upset about my hours being really light at work, and my husband being gone (or sleeping) constantly. I'm finding it very difficult to pay the bills on time and also serious frustration causes me to spend more money. My neighbors think that exploding fireworks constantly is fun but my dog is getting sick from their jovialness. The list goes on, blah, blah, blah; everything seems frustrating and heavy right now.

I grouched around home all morning. Then my son grouched around home all morning. His mood always seems to match mine. Poor little guy. We were supposed to go to an open house for a relative on my husbands side. I was dreading it. I'd planned to live off the land; eat whatever was in the kitchen today but right before leaving for the "celebration" I felt I NEEDED <all caps for a reason> a mocha frappuccino. I wanted so badly to stop at the gas station for one. I seriously contemplated it but I said, "no, certainly there will be coca cola at the open house. Today is a no spend day!" I stuck to my plan and didn't buy the heavenly drink.

There was a can of fairly warm coca cola waiting for me upon arrival. The event was horrid for me though. The beverages ran out quickly. It was very hot and sticky out. My son was loving the adventure of running around in a new place but there were what felt like to a fairly new mom thousands of obstacles for him to severely injure himself upon. So here's me exhausted from chasing him, ridiculously thirsty from the heat and lack of hydration, and horribly uncomfortable with seeing quite a few people I've been not getting along with. The entire 45 minute drive home I wanted so badly to stop for a pop, or a flurry, or juice; SOMETHING! But I didn't. I didn't spend any money despite the misery.

Moral of the story: No spend days are difficult but they save money. And I'm growing, I think.


  1. What a "celebration" indeed! :)
    Congrats on the no spend, though!

  2. Congrats on not spending!!! It is very difficult not to spend money - sometimes I feel like I am on a drastic diet and I want a piece of that chocolate so badly!!!
    I feel the same way you do. Paying the bills on time is difficult for me - not because I am not responsible but just because I have debts.

    I love reading your blog because I do not feel alone. Keep writing, keep working at not spending, you are a role model...:)

    1. (I'm really bad at responding to comments) Thank-you so much. Comments like these are super encouraging to me as well. It is really really nice to know you're not alone isn't it! You are helping me too! Hey, lets keep not spending together, huh :)