Thursday, March 27, 2014


I'll do great for a good stretch of time not wanting much and sticking to my guns financially speaking. Then all of the sudden I desperately want to purchase a hundred things. Something in my head starts screaming at me that I NEED them. "NOW!!!" The feeling sticks with me for a week or two. This is becoming a bit like a rollar coaster ride. I have been doing a good job dealing with these spurts of "need." But it sure is annoying. I'm starting to wonder if the need phase is triggered by something. I'm not sure how I'd figure out what the trigger was if there is one... hmm.

Right now I need to purchase new curtains and blinds (no I didn't purchase new ones last time I felt the urging). I need to order Scottish meat pies from a bakery in Detroit. I need to purchase a new toy bin or shelves for my sons room (again, I refrained the last time I was feeling this need). I need some new PJ's. And lastly (okay, I'm certain there's other items that I'm forgetting about) I keep seeing really great toys that my son needs me to purchase; a tricycle or big wheel, some sporting toys, bath tub paint and side walk chalk, tons of odds and ends that he would just love right now.

Truth be told, to state the obvious, none of these items are in the budget at present. Sadly it always seems they never will be though and I think that's what creates the urgent need for them, that feeling that I can't have them. We don't NEED any of those things. They'd be nice to have but that's all, just nice. The feeling of need is just so annoying though.

Moving on: Average daily spending for March: $17.36

I'm now $15.70 over budget for the month if I wanted to truly spend $15 a day. Honestly I just glanced back and saw that my average daily spending for February was $20.27. Being reminded of that makes me feel alot better about being at the $17.36 average currently. That means that right now I've spent $78.57 less this month than last month. I'll choose to be happy about that!

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  1. The good old need vs want, huh... :) it's hard, but you're hanging in there.