Saturday, October 4, 2014

Fall To-do List

I absolutely love autumn! The feeling of crisp cool air on your face while you're cozied up in a few layers and a sweatshirt; apples, and cider, and pumpkin everything; the beautiful leaves changing colors day after day while all the landscape becomes more and more vibrantly painted with their fabulous farewell cloaks; bon fires with friends, roasted marshmallows and chocolate smores; autumn is awesome! I've thus decided that an autumn to-do list is very much in order so that I might try and make the most of this my favorite of seasons instead of just watching it race away.

Fabulous Fall To-dos
Go apple picking at an orchard
Drink hot apple cider while munching on donuts (CHECK)
Have a bon-fire with friends
Rake up leaves with little Abe and play in them (CHECK)
Do an autumn outdoor photo shoot (CHECK)
Bake a homemade pumpkin pie (CHECK)
Fly a homemade kite (make a homemade kite)
Dance in fall rain and jump in puddles with Abe (CHECK)
Do a fall time scavenger hunt with my nephew and little Abe
Have a candlelit tea time and then look at the stars with Abe

*I might add to the list a bit. This is all I'm able to come up with right now.
Do you have any fall must-do suggestions?


  1. Autumn is Bourbon Season here at Chez Sluggy.
    'Nuff said. ;-)

  2. Good ones! I think also candles and tea are musts :)

    1. that sounds like a fun new tradition to start with Abner. We could do an evening tea with only candles lit. Great suggestion!

  3. I plan to make pumpkin/chocolate chip bread with the boys. They love it. Of course, it's been in the 90s here, so doesn't feel like fall at all! Lots of sunblock today.

    1. Pumpkin/chocolate chip bread sounds great!!! It's been pretty cold here already but hey that polar vortex supposedly moved over my part of the world last year so we're the new alaska or something. I do love sweatshirts so much though!

  4. I wish we can get that cooler weather soon. It was 90F over the weekend in socal, but we are getting all these pumpkin flavored food. I still want to try a pumpkin donut!

    1. Pumpkin donuts are pretty good! And you'll get cooler temps soon enough :)