Saturday, October 18, 2014

Lazy NO SPEND Saturday

Average daily spending for October: $20.46

Today was a successful no spend. I made a Christmas ornament with my sister and little Abe our of flour, salt, and water. Talk about cheap! I'll report back on that if it turns out not hideous. I do not celebrate halloween. I LOVE thanksgiving but I'm actually getting really excited about Christmas already this year. I guess you never can get ready for Christmas too early... don't worry I haven't started Christmas music yet. I haven't decorated much for the past... um, long time. This year I think will be different.

I'm shooting for a $16.99 daily spending average for October.
That leaves $158.43 for the rest of the month.


  1. I'm with you on Hallowe'en, Rivulet. I've never done anything about it. We don't have Thanksgiving here but it sounds like a lovely celebration. I'm getting well into Christmas preparation though. I've been making presents for a while. I'm about to start on the cards and I've booked for a couple of pre-Christmas craft events. Christmas Day for me is very quiet but I love the run-up.

    1. One cultural difference that I've heard of between us is that Halloween is HUGE here and not overly celebrated on your side of the world. You're a freak if you don't celebrate it here but I still never have. People decorate their houses (the house across the street from me has some down right gross decorations right now), everyone trick or treats, carves pumpkins, and goes to parties.

      It's a difficult time of year for me because I don't agree with the foundations of it and it's not fun for me. Most of the shows on TV are halloween themed, there are decorations everywhere, the music in the stores is even halloween themed. Ugh, it makes me crazy some times. BUT Thanksgiving is close and Christmas is on it's way! I can get past the 31st without harm... I think I can, I think I can...