Monday, October 6, 2014

Fall To-dos/ Lawn Mowing

I was just looking over my fall to-do list and I need a suggestion for some fall fun activity to do with my hubby. Pretty much everything on my list is for me and little Abe (we spend A LOT of time together). My husband and I really don't do dates but I know that we NEED to. I need to think of a great fall to-do for just him and me... any suggestions?

Today was one of those days that make a person stop and think about life, right now; about living. I attended a funeral for a man who died much too soon and very tragically. But honestly he lived a GREAT life. He spent a ton of time with family and friends. He was truly always happy and embarking upon adventures. He loved the beach and the lake and being on his boat with loved ones. There wasn't a person who spoke at his memorial who didn't mention him and the water, boats, watching sunrises and sunsets. He didn't lose a second enjoying the time he had.

I love being outside. I'm happy out of doors. I love even more being outside with my son. We play with bugs, notice leaves and trees, listen to birds, do tons of yard work, grow things, and smell everything. If this kid doesn't acquire an ardent love of the great out doors then I will  have done something terribly wrong along the way. We recently acquired a used toy lawn mower and today I figured was better a day than any to test it out. I mowed our overgrown lawn with many freshly fallen leaves woven into the long green blades of grass and my little guy trotted along beside me mowing all the bits I missed (in theory... his is a bubble mower sans the bubbles)*. I can't remember ever being so happy. My son is such an enormous helper. He loves being outside with momma. He's always so incredibly proud of himself when he's doing big boy chores (with his toy lawn mower, hehe). Sometimes I look at him and it still feels like a dream; that he's real and part of our lives. To top it off the smells of autumn leaves and fresh cut grass are probably my very favorite of all smells. We lived today! I can proudly say that.

*He wasn't ever too close to the mower and ours has a mulch bag and no opening anywhere on the base. In other words there is not exposed blade at any spot on our mower.  

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  1. My fall date ideas are a hike (bring coffee or hot cocoa :)), and going to see a movie.
    What you wrote about being out with Abner sounds so wonderful.