Tuesday, December 2, 2014

23 Christmas cards are currently on their way to their respective destinations.
6 are waiting to be sent, for various reasons.
13 need to still be made, written, addressed, sent... but my list is growing daily.
There are a good 20 people more I'd love to send a card to but I feel it may be best to focus my attentions else where, I mean I've been making cards since October.

Who thinks I should set a cut off date and what's done by then is where it gets left?
Maybe this Saturday?

I must be going now. I have more cards to make.
: )


  1. Hey, don't beat yourself up! Send what you've done, forget the others or go mad and buy a pack of cards. Enjoy Advent.

    1. Okay, at that word of encouragement maybe I'll pick a different deadline. Two more days might be my max.

  2. I would just get done what you can get done by your own deadline and then next year maybe you can take a day a month and make 3-5 cards to have ready for the following Christmas. That is what I do and it seems to work well.....when I remember where I put them :)