Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Dollar Store Christmas

Christmas is a time for giving: Today we should go to the store and buy a Christmas present for Isaac, wrap it, and bring it to his house.

Little Abe found the above written on a piece of paper in his Christmas countdown bag today. He was beyond excited as he listened to me read today's "do something nice for someone" goal. We took $2.12 out of his piggy bank (so we could pick one toy for Isaac and one for himself). We put the coins into today's bag and then we were off to the dollar store for a shopping adventure.

I'll tell you what, the toy aisle at the dollar store is like little a piece of heaven to a two year old. This is only the second time we've gone there together. I personally get as much enjoyment out of watching him ooh and ahh over all the toys he gets to choose from as he does choosing I think. He picked a large blue bouncy ball with a flashing light inside for his little friend and a sheriff's kit for himself.

His buddy LOVED the blue ball. My buddy had a wonderful time giving the special present away. These bags are proving to be very fun indeed! I'd planned to only stop for a minute or two and instead the boys ended up having a drum session together. Pretty great day for my little guy I'd say.


  1. We love the dollar store! My step-dad took both the girls for their birthdays and let them go wild in the toy section. He picked out a gift bag at the dollar store and let them pick out a balloon and some toys for the bag for themselves. He spent $10 - $15 on each of them. Which is a lot of cheap little toys. But the girls loved it and had tons of fun.

    1. Especially when they're littler that is such a great idea. I took my nephew a few times when he was little to the dollar store to pick out a Christmas gift for his mom but now that I have my own little kiddo, oh my goodness it's so much fun!

  2. That's such a lovely thing to do! Abe will remember the magic bags as he gets older.

  3. This is a great thing to do with little kids. We did activities like this at the Holidays too when mine were mites.

    And $ stores(real ones like Dollar Tree)are a kiddie wonderland. Heck, I find them enthralling at my age....lolz