Saturday, December 6, 2014

Christmas Cake

What type of cake would you think appropriate to celebrate the birth of the Christ child?

My son is so excited to celebrate Jesus' birth that he's already planning the cake and balloons. I can't say I've ever had cake on Christmas day but I fully intend to this year (and I think I'll get a balloon or two for the occasion as well). I know the little guy is going to have us sing happy birthday to Jesus as well. Even though it's not His actual birthday, we will be celebrating His birth so why not? I have it in my mind to make a nicer looking version of the chocolate cake I blogged about a few months back... you just can't go wrong with chocolate and in my opinion it certainly is heavenly but maybe something lighter, brighter... hm. Decisions, decisions. I guess it's good I still have 18 days to get these things sorted out.

Do we have extra money so that we can enjoy a lavish holiday season? No. Are finances quite possibly tighter than they've been in a very long time? Yes. (it seems to be a common December issue though) Are we having a fantastically joyous festive holiday season already none the less? Yes!
Who needs money anyway?!?!


  1. The best cake for Jesus' birth is the little guy's favourite cake.

  2. When my son was three and we told him after Thanksgiving about Jesus birthday, we say "Happy Birthday" to Jesus at every meal. It was cute.

  3. We always have cake on Christmas! :)
    I hope I make red berry chocolate cheesecake this year.