Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Little Christmas Miracles

I'm more scattered brained than normal being Christmas is so very upon us so this post might turn out... random to say the least. Why is the Christmas season so hectic? Geesh! But still, I'm enjoying this Christmas more then ever.

A few days ago our neighbor who Abe and I brought the cookies to gave us a gift in return. The gift consisted of some homemade peppermint sugar scrub (with coconut oil) and a mason jar of peach crumb cake ingredients along with a can of peach pie filling. I made the crumb cake right away as I have a serious sugar problem. And honestly it was SOOOOOO yummy. My husband can't stand peaches so I never get to make peach crumb cake but I do love hot peaches and they're even better with yummy sugary crumble surrounding them. The hand scrub too, something I would have never thought to make for myself is the best hand scrub I've ever used. I love it! I was not expecting anything from her. It was unbelievably delightful to receive the gift. There's truthfully so much obligation surrounding Christmas that receiving an unexpected gift like that feels a little like a Christmas miracle; to me anyhow.

I recently posted a photo to a local helping hands facebook page of a large baby toy that we've had sitting in our living room for, well, about two years and that my son no longer plays with. I do hope to have more kids someday but I couldn't see letting this thing collect dust in my attic for who knows how long when someone could be playing with it right now. (it's not the farm Jessica) It's a nice large interactive toy. I met some people in the Walgreens parking lot today to drop the thing off. They were really excited about receiving the toy and just kept saying how nice it is. It was given to us as a hand me down by some friends. I had been meaning to get rid of it for a few months now. Even so I'm feeling really good that while I don't have tons of extra money, and bills are pretty much all getting paid late this month, and I wasn't able to get very nice gifts for my family still I was able to bless total strangers with a gift they really, really appreciated. It was very neat. My heart feels a little fuller.

I went to the chiropractor this morning. My wonderful insurance covered one whole visit this year. It seems that after you meet the $2600 deductible then they start picking up your visits BUT, here's the fun little catch: the insurance company only allows 24 visits to the chiropractor a year (that's what the office administrator explained to me). Guess when I hit the $2600 deductible? At my 23rd visit. That means they paid for ONE visit. I went into my appointment today trying to work up the courage to ask if I could pay for today's visit and my next visit next time. I really was not sure where I was going to come up with the money for today. I thought of canceling a few times but I figured I'd at least go in and see if they'd let me pay two weeks late. Just as I was about to ask her about the payment she said, "oh, turns out your insurance max visits is 26, not 24. This visit and the next one are covered since you paid for the last two already." It's only two more visits (as opposed to one) but it felt like a miracle to me.

I feel like there was something else I wanted to mention but... can't remember what it may have been.

I do hope you all are experiencing a wonderful Christmas season this year! I can't believe Christmas Eve is really tomorrow. My little Abe is so excited. I think he's going to be a bit disappointed however the day after Christmas when all the countdown bags are gone... just a little bit of Christmas reality I guess. Still, the Christmas cards we received this year will probably hang on the wall until March... mostly because I'm lazy but also because they just make me happy. Ooh, I did want to mention Christmas cards too. Maybe another time.


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    1. You as well my friend! Merry Christmas :)

  2. Thank you for reminding me what Christmas is truly about!!! My kids aren't little anymore (20 & 29), but I still need reminding every now and then about how truly blessed I am to have my wonderful husband, children, and their significant others in my life....heck, they ARE my life!!! Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!

    1. I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year as well! There are some many blessings all around aren't there :)