Sunday, December 7, 2014

It's the Season for Giving

The Christmas countdown is going so well. Every morning my little one opens a bag to find a single Hershey's hug, a Bible verse and a giving goal for the day. I've only done two little gifts so far, a hot wheels car that I got on sale for under 70 cents and a wooden owl Christmas ornament on sale for 65 cents that he was able to paint. Funny thing about that, if you give a two year old red, green, and white paint (that came with the ornament) for painting an owl, the owl will turn out brown in the end.

For the giving goals it's been super simple so far. We've only done two that required leaving the house. The one was when he picked out a gift from the dollar store for his fried Isaac and we brought it to his house. The other was when we baked cookies for our neighbor's Rick and Vicki and brought them next door to their house. Apparently giving is incredibly fun. This morning my little guy was running around the living saying, "I want to go to Isaac and Vicki's house again," on repeat. I think we need to bring someone else cookies in the very near future! I love that my son is having so much fun giving to other's this Christmas, even if sometimes it's just reading a story to mom or giving dad an extra big hug. It makes me so happy!


  1. Your Christmas Countdown sounds wonderful! Is it in the style of an advent calendar? That would make a gorgeous not-much-weight gift to post to a loved-one (I'm always on the lookout for those!) Memo to self for next year.... thanks!

    1. I still have to look into "Advent" more. The only Advent calendar I saw at the store was one with santa and his elves on it and the little doors you with a chocolate behind them. I'm using brown paper bags that I fill the night before. Our countdown calendar is right here ->