Wednesday, April 22, 2015

April Average

Average daily spending for April: $21.78

Yikes! I feel like this month is kicking my behind. I'm SO tired! Maybe it's the awesome twenty hours that little Abe and I have spent outside doing yard work this month. I have been paying virtually no attention to my spending though, which is NEVER a good thing. But come on, money is exhausting! Apparently I can't do yard work and budget all in one month. Oh, my, word, I am pathetic. But aside from obliterating my no spend goal for the month I'm really not doing horribly overall.

I'd hoped to get the daily average for the year to $16.80 by the end of April but considering that I've paid virtually no attention to my spending I'm happy to still be under $18 a day. Okay, now to keep it that way!

Average daily spending for 2015: $17.97
$3.69 left to spend in April <- that's to hit the $16.80 a day goal. Oops


  1. I think you are doing fantastic and hey, when you are out digging in the yard you can't spend money, right :) Money IS hard, exhausting, and frustrating but WE CAN DO THIS!!!!

    1. Unless you're buying stuff for the yard, LOL!
      I really haven't bought that much though. Plus, and this is something I struggle with a lot, you can't really being eating all day long either if you're out digging in the dirt. I think that's been one of the biggest pros to all the outside time we've had this month.