Thursday, April 9, 2015

Today has been very bi-polar

It's been raining all through last night and during most of the day here. I went to let our dogs out this afternoon and it felt unbelievably warm (although very wet with thick air). I let them run a bit and do their business while I watched them through the screen door. Only a minute or two had gone by before I opened the door to let them in and it was horribly cold outside. I don't remember ever noticing such a significant temperature change in a matter of two minutes. It was very odd.

Thanks to the wonderful spring rain the grass in the yard is turning green and the buds on the lilac bush out back are fattening up and also my basement has filled with water in the corner room. While I was down stairs this evening scooping up yucky basement water (so that it wouldn't travel to the rest of the basement and create a total flood like it did two years back) my kiddo got sick in the living room (which is very strange because we were just ill about two weeks back and this kid is one to virtually never get sick (also he seems totally fine now; quite possibly it was something that he ate)). Today is the first day in awhile that I've felt that little black rain cloud full of blah's depart so that I'm not down and out emotionally/ mentally and now I'm being attacked by strange circumstances all around me. It's been a very bi-polar day here; not me so much but the day itself.

Well I'm happy to report that these silly incidents aren't getting me down. In fact I must get back into the basement to check on the water situation, do some laundry while I'm down there, and then I think little Abe and I will read more from The Chronicles of Narnia. What better thing could there be to do on a stormy spring evening while one isn't feeling at the top of their game than to snuggle on the couch and read a magical fairy tale? Nothing, right?

I've FINALLY added up my daily spending for April. Did you know that we're 99 days into 2015? Seems crazy to me but it's true.

Average daily spending for 2015: $17.85
$248.79 left to spend in April


  1. Oh I HATE those days!!! Hope little Abe is feeling better and it was just something that didn't agree with him!!! There is NOTHING better on a rainy day than curing up with a good book - a fire and a diet coke with lime would make it perfect :) However, rain is rare around here - we have a mandatory 25% cut going on.

    1. That's really too bad about the drought. Hasn't that been going on for a very long time? We really do get a good deal of water here, generally. "April showers bring May flowers" is a very true saying round these parts.

      You make me giggle with the Diet Coke with lime addition. I'm still very much in hot beverages mode. It's just too cold still really.

    2. The drought has been going on for awhile but this is the worst I remember it. We live by the dam and you can see how low it is. Our lawn is NOT going to look good this summer!!

      I am TOTALLY addicted to diet coke with lime - don't know what I would do without it :) Never liked coffee or really any hot beverages so diet coke (with lime of course) is my go-to :)