Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Four Big Happy Smiles

1. Homemade cheese crackers with fresh homemade guacamole.
(food always come first with me doesn't it... what can I say)
YUM!!! I'm vastly enjoying this little plate of treats right now.

2. Our first born sun bathing herself in the kitchen.
I think hot sunbeams streaming in the windows on a cool spring day make everyone happy.
We picked out this beauty from the pound just a month or two after we got married, almost 13 years ago.

3. The other day when I ran to the store for peat, for the carrot seeds, I pulled this bag out from the self check out bag slot. It appears all the bags in the slot were colored on, I have to assume by a classroom of children. I'm not entirely sure why but this lovely drawing made me smile and smile some more. It was just so unexpected and really a special ray of happiness in an ordinary place.

4. Lastly, yes the tomato plants again. I cannot believe how much they change with each passing day. I hope they take good to the soil outside. I love them each dearly.

These things have made me smile so much over the past few days! 
It really is the little things.


  1. Ok, first of all, how impressed am I with those crackers??? I wish I could try one - I am a cracker-aholic - were they hard to make?

    Second - what a beauty she is - isn't it funny how cats find the littlest patch of sunlight and can lay there for hours? So sweet!!!!

    Third - what a great thing for that store to do - I wish kids around here did more art - it seems like anything that is creative or makes you use your imagination just isn't important anymore!!!!

    And lastly.....YAY tomatoes!!! I think I might finally have life out there with mine.....fingers crossed!!!

    I'm going to add one - reading your blog everyday makes MY day - especially when then involve Abe :)

    1. Haha, exactly. My cat and our girl dog love to lay in sun spots so much so that they will move along with the spot as the sun moves.

      I just found out it was in fact a bunch of kids from an elementary school in town. I think it was the neatest thing to do, all these kids got to decorate bags that they knew strangers would get while grocery shopping. Very cool! (I posted it to a local group in facebook saying how impressed I was and a big thank-you to the kids and someone commented about which school was responsible.)

      Yay! I'm glad to hear your tomatoes are starting to get active.

      Thank-you also for the huge compliment. I'm so happy to have you reading along each day!


    The crackers were very easy to make!

  3. I would be over the moon happy to get colored bags at the store. It made me smile just to see a picture of it

    1. I think it's so darling... I was tempted to pull the next few bags out of the slot just to smile at all the other drawings. I could see the next one peaking out. I didn't, but I was tempted.

  4. Love the picture of your cat, so sweet! They have the biggest personalities don't they? And the Earth Day bag totally made me smile too :-) Crackers look delicious!! :-) Have a great day!


    1. Oh goodness, our cat has a HUGE personality. For the first, hm, let's say about 8 years of her life she did not like my husband and he picked her out. They're buddies now but she is a stinker!