Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Free Stuff Makes Me Happy

You know that feeling, like you're still in your early twenties, or mid twenties at the most, and yet you're constantly realizing that you've been friends with this individual or that individual since high school... and wait... you've known them almost 20 years now?

A dear friend of mine that I couldn't have possibly known for close to 20 years, (could I?) started up  a natural beauty care business very recently (actually they've yet to have their grand opening). Her and her hubby have been making soaps, lotions, lip balms, all practically non-stop for the past while on top of raising four girls and both working full time jobs. I applaud their efforts, their money and time invested, and their go-get-um spirit in starting a small business like this. I've never had the gusto or guts to start one myself, although I can't say the thought has not crossed my mind.

This couple is one of the awesome sponsors for the GIVEAWAY (I now feel the urge to remind you that you get two extra entries into the giveaway if you "like" the sponsor's facebook pages (that makes 10 extra entries in total)) and I just received a sample pack of soaps and a lip balm in the mail from them so I could try out some of the different fragrances and blends myself. You know I like free stuff! Everyone knows that getting packages in the mail is awesome. I feel like it's my birthday now because of this lovely gift so I had to share my delight with you all. I tried the lip balm right away and LOVE it. The soaps are next in line.
This is my sample pack.
The soaps smell fabulous! Now that I've done and photographed them I can go try them out. Yay!

Please do visit Rock Creek Soaps website: http://www.rockcreeksoaps.com/
and like their facebook page if you're interested at all in wonderfully fragrant, natural, vegan soaps: https://www.facebook.com/Rockcreeksoaps


  1. Those are absolutely beautiful - I need to go check out that site - they would be perfect to go with the dishcloths/washcloths I knit for people!

    1. The website is up but they're launching the business on April 17. They've been working non-stop to get everything ready and the soaps need to harden for 4 to 6 weeks before they're ready. She said they just finished a batch of lemon soaps that is making their entire house smell like lemon custard, mmm :)

  2. I love lemon - one of my favorites!!! The site is very well done - can't wait to see it when it is up & ready to go!! I really like supporting "mom & pop" businesses instead of the big corporations too!