Friday, June 3, 2016

Budget and birds

I have this month's spending budget set at $470. Traditionally when I have a really low spending month, like I did in May it's followed by a really high spending month.

This month is quite officially the month of drastic change in our house (at least it feels drastic to me). I'm worried that all this new and different and adjusting is going to majorly effect the budget. So no matter where I do land concerning money spent this month I need to pay really close attention to what is coming in, what is going out, and what we're spending on.

Maybe I won't be able to hit my goal this month (I'm a realist). I'm not going to lose my mind if that's the case BUT I do need to pay really close attention. It's so easy during the ups and the downs and the crazy bits of life to just plain lose attention. You know, like one minute it's the first of the month and then next minute it's the 28th and oops, you haven't looked at the bank account once or recorded any spending. That's how my $470 budget can turn into a $770 spending. Yikes!

That being said, I spent $65.22 on groceries Wednesday. The house was pretty void of food. I also spent $4.76 on garden soil. Yesterday was a no spend and today I am going to pick up a few more groceries. These three purchases will already have made a considerable dent in my budget but I'm not worried about it. One day at a time. I just have to pay attention.

I managed to get a new picture of the baby birds and it's way too interesting to me to not share. This one's not blurry. I took it one day after the last one so who knows if that third egg hatched or if it's a dud. These babies are totally one of those, "they're so ugly they're cute" situations. At least they're cute to me and probably to their adoring parents too.

Average daily spending for 2016: $18.36
$400.02 left in June's budget


  1. Paying attention one day at a time will certainly be a ood strategy/ What were Abe's thoughts on the bird. That picture will come in handy for years of school projects.

    1. He thinks the chicks are super ugly but he's really excited that they're in our garage. We checked out a book from the library called, "My Spring Robin." Its such a simple book but it has so many things in it that perfectly represented our spring this year so he really likes it. And now he calls our garage Robins his spring robin(s). It's really too cute.