Saturday, June 11, 2016

Empty Nest

Today, all of the bird watching/ egg watching came to a culmination and it was awesome!

One fine spring day we saw a Robin fly in and then out of the garage.
Much to our surprise she had deposited three brilliant blue gems inside.

May 20
Together mama and daddy robin started their family in our rafters.
She sat on the nest virtually around the clock for ten days straight.
All the while daddy robin stood watch.

May 30
After the two little darlings emerged mama and daddy took turns guarding their treasure
and filling these two hungry mouths.

June 8
Worm after bug after worm the babies grew non-stop.
And mama and daddy were there every minute of the way.

June 11

June 11
After 23 days of parenting the two proud robins now have an empty nest.
And two baby robins have been added to our neighborhood.

The robins have been very protective of their nest. They've hardly let it out of their sights for the past 23 days. They have a way warning tweet whenever we'd get too close to the garage and I think it's the dad that would puff up the small feathers on the top of his head to tell us we were getting too close. But today they were different. Today both the mom and dad were hovering around our backyard, tweeting out the warning tweet with force and one of them, I think the dad would dive bomb us whenever he thought we'd gotten too close.

I told little Abe that I was certain the babies would be leaving the nest today. Despite the angry parents we sort of hung around in the backyard or kept peeking out the kitchen window. I hoped that we'd get to see the babies and I thought it'd be spectacular to see them leaving the garage. I knew that the chances were so slim but I was certain they'd be leaving the nest today.

I was right and we got to see both of the babies. One we spyed hopping into the neighbors backyard. The mom and dad were coaching it and keeping us as far away as they could. But the second bird left the nest a bit later and I think mama and daddy were still trying to keep the first baby safe and tended to. The second baby we got to see peeking out from our garage. (It's the one I got the better photo of) I'm pretty sure he's still in there and I hope mom and dad come back soon to coach him too. None the less today was incredible!

We were so honored to host these little fellows in our garage and delighted to see them go. I'm thoroughly impressed at how well robins tend to their young. And I think it's safe to say I've fallen even deeper in love with nature.

*I apologize if the format on these photos is way too big. I know I'm pushing it a bit.


  1. That is so excited - thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures - it is nice every now and then to reflect on the wonders of nature!!!!

    1. I live in the city and my husband HATES camping but I love nature so much. I just try to take in all of it that I can get in my own backyard (or garage, haha). Today was so neat!

  2. Replies
    1. The whole thing was such a wonderful new experience this year.

  3. Love these pics! so nice to see the progress of those beautiful little eggs

    1. Thanks. We had the greatest joy watching the process.