Friday, April 20, 2012

Blessings Abundant

Just three posts back I laid out some of our upcoming financial difficulties. I feel I must report back with news of a few small miracles.

The repairs on our van are costing a significant amount but it's being fixed at this very moment without us having to charge it. My dad has been embarking on a strange sort of spending spree as of late and he offered to repair the van for us. I didn't even ask or hint at this scenario. In fact I gave up asking my dad for any sort of help 10 years ago. For him to randomly just offer is really a miracle. Apparently he's not to fond of his daughter being stranded at home with his brand new little grandson while my hubby is at work for 8 hours everyday. Praise the Lord for this!

The other day we were triple charged for a transaction at a store. My husband called the bank about it and during the course of the conversation he was informed that we were in very good standing for a refinance on the house and would we be interested in a much lower rate. My husband said yes and on Monday we will be signing the papers (for the easiest refi. EVER). With the new interest rate we cut SEVEN years off of our mortgage and will be saving $50,000 in interest payments. It's a 15 year mortgage. Also, the thing I'm most excited about because it's relevant in the here and now is that we'll be skipping one mortgage payment due to the change over in policies. That's $800 dollars next month that I've budgeted that we no longer have to pay. Looks like we're officially caught up on the maternity leave over spending (I'm not going to have to "rework" payments in May and June) and I've money to renew the license plates now.

Like I said, "I am truly TRULY blessed! All that financial stuff will work it's self out (somehow... I hope). It always does."


  1. I got chills reading this! I am so happy that everything is working out.

  2. Wow, what good luck with the bank!! Guess things usually turn out well in the end! $50,000 - imagine what you could do with that!

  3. You are reaping what you have sown and you are grateful which is the key to all blessing. I am happy for you.

  4. It's wonderful that things are working out for you. :)