Monday, April 30, 2012

Less Than a Week

I'm heading back to work VERY soon. It's painful to even type that. I'm terrified of losing it. It's going to be emotionally devastating leaving my boy everyday. But it's something that (at least for the meantime) needs to be done.

Me going back to work will enable us to reach financial freedom. If I put my all into it now I should be able to become a stay at home mom two short years from now. Going back to work now means family vacations and more quality time together farther down the road.

I think I'm going to have to write down a goal or something along those lines pertaining to why I'm working each morning before I leave to carry with me throughout the day.

Until then, I'm still home with my boy. Life is wonderful!


  1. You will be fine, he will be fine. Just enjoy the moment.

  2. I know how you feel, I had to go back to work very soon after my two oldest kids were born but in fact it wasn't the huge wrench I thought it would be. It's nice to be with other adults during the day and I think it helps you to appreciate the time you do have with your little one even more. As Out My Window says, you'll both be fine!!!

    K xx

  3. I went back to work yesterday. Boo. But, my hubby and i decided that we want me working just part time so i gave 5 weeks notice to my boss today!!! I now have 2 little ones, and will be so glad to only be working 2 days a week!