Thursday, April 19, 2012

Monday's Lovely

We walked the paths in the dunes on Monday. When we arrived at the beach I didn't want to walk out to the water because I didn't want to get sand in my shoes. I really am getting old. I was more than happy to head back through the trails. However there was a 4 year old with us so of course avoiding the water wasn't an option. He'd collected rocks all along the trail to throw into the lake. We were going to be there awhile.

It was Abe's first trip to the lake. I love noticing all the firsts. It really fascinates me that all these tiny little things that I've experienced hundreds of times are brand new to him. I reluctantly walked out onto the sand. I looked down at my feet hoping to avoid covering them (and filling my shoes with discomfort). After a few steps I noticed tiny craters forming in the sand as I walked. Surrounding each footprint for a radius of at least 10 inches the sand was caving into tiny little holes. It was as if little bubbles were popping as I walked. Honestly it was the first truly new thing I've experienced (or noticed) in awhile. It was memorizing and magical. I started stomping up and down the beach like a 4 year old watching the small buried bubbles pop and form little bean sized holes around my feet. A few of the other adults were impressed but no one was truly fascinated by the phenomenon like I was. That is to say I was the only one stomping up and down the shoreline like a kid.

I think the reason I enjoy traveling so much is that you get so much more of an opportunity to experience brand new fascinating things when you travel. I love the fact that everything is new to my boy, EVERYTHING. Eventually he's going to be able to taste blueberries for the first time and apple pie, ooh and chocolate. He'll have the opportunity to see a bird and smell a flower for the very first time. There will be a first gaze at the stars and a first viewing of a sunset. Right now he's looking at himself in a mirror and smiling from ear to ear. Life is unfolding, blooming, mesmerizing to a baby and to children. For us adults it's kind of boring at times, incredibly difficult more often than not, and rarely new and exciting.

I'm thankful for Monday's lovely, for the little sand craters, for moments of discovery that cost nothing but enrich my life so much. In this rat race were running while ever so focused on finances and frugality its easy to miss these little moments. I encourage everyone to keep your eyes open. Life may be rough especially if you're embarking upon a similar financial journey as me but life is full of absolute (free) beauty! Look...


  1. Amazing how your world changes when you add a life.

  2. Love this post, & totally agree - your perspective changes so much once you add a child to the mix & start to see the world through their eyes.