Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What Not to Wear?

Ever since the first week I spent in the mountains of Guatemala witnessing first hand real poverty I've lost all interest in fashion. In fact I have an odd respect for backwoods, mountain man, red neck, hillbilly type folks. Yes, these folks do have a style of their own but they certainly aren't obsessed with appearance. I used to notice "messy" individuals and I'd wonder, "how in the world could he/ she leave the house like that?" More recently however I appreciate the lack of concern they have for what the general population thinks about them. To me that is respectable.

In truth it's been about 6 years since I've purchased new clothes. I've gotten a few pair of pants as needed, a t-shirt here and there, but in general my clothes are getting old. This reality doesn't really bother me. I could easily  and happily wear poorly fitting pants, holey scruffy shirts, and the rest of my pathetic wardrobe until it's completely unwearable. I'm quite comfortable in my skin. I know who I am and I don't feel a need to look a certain way for any reason. Clothing just doesn't mean that much to me.

So, to the point: recently we got cable in order to save money on our communications package (weird, I know). I've been watching "What Not to Wear" on TLC. I can honestly say that I look comparable, in my own way, to the majority of the poorly dressed people on that show. It's slightly embarrassing not so much for my own sake but I really don't want my husband to have to be married to a slob.

I do not intend to buy a whole new wardrobe anytime soon especially considering that I've baby weight to lose but I'm realizing that I do need to take action.

I've a really small wardrobe but:
Do you all think I should part with my holey and tattered clothing?
Should I embrace the frugal messy look I've got going or does appearance matter?
Does anyone else have the same sort of odd respect that I've got for the seemingly fashionless mountain men type individuals out there?
What are your thoughts friends?

I have a vest I bought over 11 years ago at a thrift store for around $3 and I still wear it constantly. Normal or lame???


  1. After I had kids, it seemed I stopped buying clothes for myself. It seems more rewarding to buy them clothes because they look so darn cute in everything. I tend to hoard old clothes. I still have my prom dress from a dance 14 years ago, but my daughter knows about it and might want to wear it some day. I have been wearing my High school golf jacket to run since it is light weight and has great pockets. Clothing quality sure has gone down hill. I say get rid of things with holes, but wear what you love. If your not comfortable in your clothes it shows.

  2. Well, I love clothes so I would say get all new clothes. However, I know you and know that is not your style. I think you should get a few new things to have a fresh new mommy wardrobe. I think you should take the shirts that are too holey and maybe make them into a blanket, then your precious baby can cuddle up in it and smell you.

  3. Hey!

    I think maybe wear your more tattered stuff at home, and save the non-holey stuff for when you go out. I tend to throw away clothes when they get holes, but I do have one t-shirt with a few holes that I can't bear to get rid of as I still love it! :D

    I don't think that you should worry what people think, but I know that's hard sometimes. I tend to feel embarrassed if I end up going out wearing scruffy clothes.

    Then again, I don't really pay attention to what people are wearing, so it's probably the case that no-one's looking at you either!

    Don't buy NEW clothes, but if you wanted to update your wardrobe go to a charity shop and buy some really cheap second hand stuff!

    The lumberjack-style shirts are actually a big trend thing here in the UK. Most of the trendy men's shops are FULL of checked shirts etc.

  4. Wearing the same vest for 11 years is totally normal, not lame!

    My splurges are always on jeans that fit well, and I can usually find them on a hunt at a thrift store. Then, as long as fit is good, almost anything can look good, in my opinion. For my maternity "wardrobe," I invested in a nice pair of department store maternity jeans and bought everything else at thrift stores or deep discount sales :-)

  5. Charity shops- especially the day they have a sale, or stuff a bag for $5. Trendy stuff is crap and pointless and usually badly made. Charity shopping helps everyone and you can have fun never knowing what you might find. Let us know what you decide xx

    1. I agree on the trendy stuff often being crap quality, but recently i profited from this - my bf bought a hoodie that shrunk in the wash first go... and now fits me ;)

  6. In fact, it makes me happy that i recently (under duresse) had to throw out two pairs of holey jeans last week that had been with me since my college days. Throwing out jeans is like saying goodbye to an old friend or something... but... in another way... when I thought about it... I was so happy I could still fit into them!

    If the holes are making you sad, try to mend them or ditch them. Or as Bryanne said, you could wear them around the house if they don't bother you.

    Charity shops are so great - it's crazy what lands in there sometimes, (even better if you're handy with a sewing machine). Gifts from friends at birthdays have got me through manys an interview. Borrow if possible when there's a special occasion. Friends understand.

    There is a lot of pressure particularly on women to compete with each other to look "fashionable" and the people who make our clothing in the developing world really get a raw deal on what they produce.

    In the city centre at lunchtime I often like to go and people-watch to see what styles I like or what I think might look nice on me. It makes me feel good that I can try to recreate it myself for less than that person and i think that's more positive than trying to compare myself to them.