Monday, April 1, 2013


I love the fresh start that comes with the beginning of each month. At least I pretend it's a fresh start.
At present I'm feeling compelled to make a long list of everything I'd like to accomplish this month BUT I'm going to start out slow.

As I mentioned before, money is abnormally tight around here. The main thing I need to do is keep track of the pennies. I don't want to go into overdraft a billion times this month. I don't want to get to that point, a point I'm used to arriving at, where all of the sudden we're $300 over budget for the month and I have to pull money from each credit card payment. I'm paying the minimums this month and it still doesn't look like we have enough SO going $300 over budget is NOT an option.

So, for April my main objective is to be a grown up, a responsible grown up.
Along with that I need to work with my husband; keep him on track and informed monetarily speaking. Going way over the household monthly budget is not usually my doing.
I'm also going to attempt to not buy food at work.
I really enjoyed the every other day NO SPEND challenge these past two weeks so I will try to keep that up for all of this month too. 32 NO SPEND days by the end of April would be pretty cool. Gee, 30 would be great.
And I want to get my average daily spending down a bit this month. That means spending less than $12 a day. I've done it before. A little determination and planning will get me through.

Average daily spending: $14.83
I'm pretty happy that it's back under $15 a day. That was a bit scary. I do not want to go there again.
Oh, and I shopped today so tomorrow "should" be a NO SPEND. Nice!

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  1. Here is to slow and steady April!