Saturday, April 6, 2013

Wrapping up week one of April

Yowzers and oops.

Okay so I don't think it's horrific but my $9 a day in April just went to about $13. And my "things" purchases jumped from 10 this year to 13.

I bought some socks for my kiddo. I got a birthday present for my sister. I purchased a fan for my son's room; hoping it will help him sleep better. He's been having a TERRIBLE time sleeping since he got sick (it's been over two weeks now). He's mostly better, it seems, but still not sleeping well. I took advantage of the clearance Easter candy. I bought enough food to last thru Monday. And wala, $9 goes to $13.

I've been bombing on the NO SPEND days too but there is a silver lining to that rain cloud. At least when I plan a NO SPEND day I do not buy any food at work. I don't buy any groceries. I don't buy any little unnecessary luxuries, like chocolate. My no spend bombs have so far always been something that's not even apart of my $12 a day budget; like goats milk for my son (because the store I was at had run out and I ended up having to pick some up the next day), or gasoline for the car because there wasn't enough money in the bank on Wednesday when I bought groceries and then on my planned Thursday NO SPEND when we got paid I had to buy gas. And one of my NO SPEND bombs was because my husband brought home some food item... that does come out of the $12 a day though.

Different bloggers have different criteria for a NO SPEND. Just to clarify any spending, anything I buy, purchase, have to pay for disqualifies a NO SPEND. I do set automatic payments online for all of our bills each month. I do not pay super close attention to what days those payments come out of the account because it's already factored into my monthly budget SO if I do not buy anything on a Monday and my mortgage payment goes through on said Monday that is still a NO SPEND day. I did not "buy" anything. In other words bills do not count. Everything else does. I cannot think of one single exception. I guess none of that really needed to be clarified but I have been talking about NO SPEND days ALOT lately... they've really been helping me keep my spending down; giving me a bit more of a feasible goal to shoot for on a regular basis and so that is that.

Average daily spending for April: $13.63


  1. great job!

  2. I think it is about finding something that works for you and your family. And I love the fact that so many people are so open about what they do with their money. I think in the end that it helps us all.