Sunday, October 6, 2013

Gripe, Gripe, Complain, Complain

This is going to be one of "those" blogs. I try not to blog often when I'm grouchy but this one's been compiling. Please refrain from reading if you don't want to hear it.

We've been having such "fun" with money the past few weeks! The brakes on the car seized up a few weeks back. Pretty much everything brake related needed to be replaced. I scraped together about $300 for the repairs (in other words paid EVERY bill late last month) and charged $230. Oh the agony!

Our fridge was on it's way out and leaking. A friend of my husbands offered us a used fridge (much MUCH newer than ours) that he had in his garage. He only wanted $100 for it. That is a good deal and some refuse company will give us $50 for ours after they haul it away. Needless to say we jumped at it. But we have a new fridge now and we have not paid hubby's friend and that $100 is weighing on my mind.

Yesterday, now this is a good one, I noticed that our bedroom walls were wet! I decided that rather than hope they clear up (during the rainy autumn season) and possibly have to tear down half our house later on I needed to get a de-humidifier and clear them up ASAP. Unfortunately I'm almost certain the moisture is coming from a VERY wet room in our basement so I purchased, with a credit card, two de-humidifiers for $460. It would have been nice if we had that emergency fund eh?!

Work has been VERY slow for most of the year. There are these small annoying doctor and dentist bills to the sum of about $250 that I cannot seem to knock out. Now we've almost $1100 in strange malfunctioning home and car purchases that popped up over the past few weeks. Needless to say I feel like I'm failing miserably with money. It's a yucky feeling.

On the bright side (because a blog like this one always needs a bright side) I'm a much more responsible spender than I was in my younger days. My hours at work over the past few weeks have picked up. The walls in the bedroom look 100 times better than they did yesterday. The basement is dryer that it's been in months. Our fridge is lovely (the old one was nasty). And the car is no longer shaking violently like it's about to blast off into space while we drive it.

I might not be getting ahead but I'm not drowning. That's a good thing right. I LOVE being an adult!!!

(I probably won't publish comments on this post. I'm just venting. Thanks.)


  1. You don't need to publish this but I want you to know that we all feel that way sometimes. You are not alone.

  2. Vent away and don't publish comments! Just giving you a virtual HUG! don't be so hard on yourself, it happens and just keep swimming forward, it was a rough spell but you got through it! :)

  3. Everyone needs to vent and houses and cars take maintenance. I know it is frustrating and I hate it.

  4. Using blog for venting: Check.
    I've been doing that for a long time, and for some reason the comments seem to help me along, to get out of that mood.
    Because you've been so responsible for a time, you did not get into loads of trouble, with all those extra bills. And how stupid those bills are, you did get them paid and that should be a reason for a little party. Because you were so responsible.
    And now I need to be off and be just as responsible and pay some bills...

  5. Thank-you ladies! I just decided I'd publish these comments after holding onto them for a bit. Your words are kind and encouraging and I appreciate you all.