Saturday, October 19, 2013

Why yes, that is cottage cheese in the quiche

I just want to reiterate, I am LOVING leftovers quiche!

This week we had sloppy joes from which I had a little bit of extra ground beef and a quarter of a red bell pepper sitting in the fridge. We had wonderfully delicious veggie lasagna from which I had a smidgen of cottage cheese left in the container. I made a tiny dish of baked mac n cheese and had less than half a cup of grated sharp cheddar cheese left. Last night I made quiche with the leftover cheddar cheese, ground beef, bell pepper and cottage cheese. I think it was my favorite so far.

The last one had ground beef, bacon, roma, and cheddar.
The one prior had mozzarella, and turkey pepperoni.

This is becoming fun and so yummy! Talk about an inexpensive dinner too. Eggs are significantly less money than any meat and I've been able to fill my quiches with bits of stuff that I might find it difficult to use up otherwise. Win, win for sure!

A HUGE thank-you to my sister in law at JJ and the Princess girls for giving me the wonderful Dutch Quiche recipe ages ago. Thanks again Jessica! 

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