Thursday, October 31, 2013

There's a First for Everything

Back story: my husband is making a large purchase next month. He's been planning it for at least a year so it's no shocker. He's come up with half of the cost by cashing in vacation days (without taking vacation or time off). Still there's been this big ugly lump in my forecasted budget for awhile.

Two days ago he called from work and asked me to schedule a hair appointment for him. He goes to a rather expensive salon. But I might call anything expensive since I've paid for one haircut during my entire 33 years on the planet. My mom never even once took us kids for a hair cut and until I donated once with my hubby I kept up the tradition. I'm not mad at him for the upcoming purchase but I am glad to announce that I stood my ground on the budget for this one. "Honey you know I'm trying to have enough money in the bank account for your system next month. We cannot afford a hair cut right now." He grows his hair out long and he generally donates it once he's got 10 inches to cut off. He doesn't get hair cuts often, still, right now is NOT a good time.

Reluctantly he asked if I would cut his hair for him. Yikes, we're embarking on dangerous water here. BUT what's the worst that could happen right... if I botch it up horribly then I guess he gets what he wants and can go to the salon. If not, major money saved. Well I did it. I cut his hair. Layered it and everything. If you ask me it's a tad bit goofy but I cut it exactly as he asked and even though he dare not admit it the look on his face was a dead give away that he actually really liked it.

I'm abnormally impressed with myself lately. I've been coming up with some really different ways to save money. On that note, after I try it out, I'll have a new post soon with another money saver. 


  1. That is a great way to save money! I have cut the hair of men friends, ex husband, bf, son, and anyone who wanted to save a $15 for a cheap haircut. Not one person has ever been upset with my haircuts.( Well, except for the time my sister asked me to cut her hair when I was 16. She won't let that go.)

    When I have people ask for the second haircut, I know I got it right. Yay for saving money.

  2. I am happy to read that someone else does not go to the hair salon. I am 39 years old and I very rarely go to get my hair cut. I am not going to lie: I wish I was "financially" doing very well to get a good styling hair cut once in a while, but it is not the case so....Congrats on cutting your husband hair :)