Monday, October 5, 2015

31 things to Spice up this October

My list is complete.

I've been inspired by Anne in the kitchen to make an October to-do list that's less of chores and needings to be done and more along the lines of things that will make me happy. There are a few things on here that I want to get accomplished this month but I think I've put together a pretty decent list of things that will add a bit of happy spice to this October 2015. Will I accomplish everything? HA! Maybe half if I'm lucky but here's to a happy month of hot beverages, leaves changing over to their most beautiful vibrant colorful hues, nights growing longer, temperatures growing colder and APPLES! Wishing everyone a very lovely October!
  1. Create a new Pinterest board for this month of October. DONE.
  2. Capture some beautiful moments in photo. DONE.
  3. Pick out a toy with little Abe to gift to a friend of his.
  4. Bake a pumpkin pie from scratch.
  5. Leave quarters w/ a note at the quarter machines with little Abe.
  6. Go apple picking.
  7. Draw something.
  8. Fill the house with lit candles and drink hot cider or tea.
  9. Have a bon fire.
  10. Get together with a friend.
  11. Read one book for me.
  12. Read one chapter book with little Abe.
  13. Dream up a fabulous vacation all details included, just for fun.
  14. Invite someone over for a snack. Actually invited the in laws over for goose stew. DONE.
  15. Take the dogs for a walk (they usually just run in the backyard).
  16. Have a date night.
  17. Make a new lunch or dinner.
  18. Visit my dad.
  19. Make a trip to the post office. DONE.
  20. Use Olive Garden gift card. (Find Olive Garden gift card)
  21. Do a pretty debt payoff doodle. DONE.
  22. Give out 15 compliments in one day. (preferably to 15 different people)
  23. Listen to music and dance.
  24. Start collecting leaves.
  25. Hike the dunes.
  26. Craft something. (thinking altoids tin dollies/ a Christmas present)
  27. Put a box in the kitchen for Dee (our cat). DONE.
  28. Take a walk as a family. (the three of us)
  29. Do a messy craft with little Abe. DONE.
  30. Go out of the way to help somebody.
  31. Shoot bow and arrows with little Abe. DONE.

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