Thursday, October 1, 2015

Super Duperly, Incredibly Awesome Soap Giveaway

My friend over at Rock Creek Soaps who donated to my first ever (and only) giveaway is doing her own giveaway now.

It's really easy to ENTER and you could win some great soap!

This wonderful small business was just starting up (they actually hadn't even launched yet) when I went to them and asked if they'd be willing to donate a prize for my giveaway back in March. They also sent me several small sample bars so I could test out the gift they were donating for my giveaway. Their soaps are awesome. Not only do these soaps look really neat with a plethora of different colors and swirls but they smell AMAZING!

Rock Creek soaps uses incredibly high quality natural ingredients, essential oils, and many of the soaps have beneficial additives like the Stardust soap with activated charcoal, which is tied with the Black Raspberry Vanilla as my very favorite of the ten soaps I got to sample. I LOVE those two soaps.

This is a very small family owned business that is just starting up, although they already sold a lot of their wonderful soaps at craft shows over the summer and are selling in some shops now. Yay! They may be new to the scene but my oh my they are cranking out an amazing product with LOTS of options already to choose from.

I'd encourage everyone who has a minute to enter their giveaway. Again, you could win free soap. Entering is pretty easy and it would show support to a little mom and pop business who very eagerly donated a wonderful prize to my first ever blog giveaway.

Okay details, details: Rock Creek Soaps has just received five new fragrances: Lumberjack, Alpine, Lemon herb, Rose Garden, and Sweetie Pie. The giveaway is asking that you comment on their blog post with which fragrance you'd most like to see made into a new bar of soap for their line, and you should get creative and comment which colors you'd like to see in the soap and if you'd like there to be additives in the new bar. After you've commented they're asking that you post a link to your facebook page telling others about the giveaway. Pretty straightforward right?

enter the giveaway here:
Rock Creek Soaps Giveaway

Oh, yeah it's a short little giveaway that ends in two days so you have to hurry over there and enter.

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